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Global Cinema - Großes Globales Kino

Free movie screening organized by the current GSP-batch

Join us this thurday at 8pm in our beloved media room (building KG 4, Rempartstraße 15, 5th floor) for a memorable evening of film and discussions - with snacks and drinks (BYO), friends and love. Be there, especially if we haven't seen you in yonks, if we just met you the other day or if we haven't met you at all. 

This weeks movie - XXY: Alex was born with both male and female sex organs. Although "reassignment" surgery was considered after birth, she has lived as a woman until the age of 15, when "XXY" takes up the story. She uses hormones to subdue her male characteristics, but now she has become unsure how she really feels. Alex is neither a man in a woman's body, nor a woman in a man's body, but both, in the body of a high-spirited tomboy who broods privately in uncertainty and confusion.

San Francisco Chronicle: "As finely crafted as a great work of literature."

Chicago Sun-Times: "The shots are beautifully composed, the editing paces the process of self-discovery, the dialogue is spare and heartfelt, the performances are deeply human -- especially by Efron."

Washington Post: "XXY is, in the best possible sense of the word, an awkward film."