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10 years GSP at FLACSO, Argentina

Within the framework of the celebration for its 10 years in FLACSO Argentina, the Global Studies Program invites a series of conferences that intends to discuss the very ideas of globalization and deglobalization, its rhythms and trends, as well as to inquire on the basis of communication, symbolism and materials that in an increasingly post-liberal framework and in a context of "post-truth" can make possible reciprocity and global coexistence, and in this sense, review the contribution that emerging countries and the Global South can make.

The conference will be in charge of leading international academics.

Riccardo Petrella
Professor Emeritus of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
"The three pillars for the construction of a new planetary common home"
September, 17th - 6 p.m. (presentation in English)

Fernando Calderón
Director of the Innovation, Development and Multiculturalism Program of the National University of San Martín (UNSAM)
"Modernity as an intercultural network. Uncertainty and new challenges in a global Latin America"
October 9th - 6 p.m. (presentation in Spanish)

Ulrich Brand
University of Vienna, Austria
"How capitalism affirms its hegemony: The imperial mode of living and implications for Latin America"
November 16th - 6 p.m. (presentation in English)

The three meetings will be held at FLACSO Argentina, located in Tucumán 1966, Buenos Aires.
Reports and registration: jornadasgsp2018@flacso.org.ar

For more information please visit http://flacso.org.ar/noticias/diez-anos-del-gsp-en-flacso-argentina/ (Spanish).